Janis Joplin once sang, “Freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose.”

Rumi wrote, ..”Love and this is God.”


Love is all I’ve ever believed in.


Freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose.


I choose love. I choose freedom.


Now my own words are caught

Choked up between utter splendors of breathtaking joy


And shudders of anguish coming from a cavern so far inside

The cave of human aching and longing that this place

–it is nameless.


Thus my name is no one

I am nowhere.


Yet I feel I am all at once.


There is nowhere to go from here, yet-

There is limitless potential in all seen and unseen


as I am darkness who wishes for a candle that I know must exist.


How can the human heart catalyze in the midst-

Between radiation clouds and storms reeking of death

And the glorious splendor of Creation and all unknown?


Where is one to go from this place?

This time stamp of gravity, human degradation

Of both nowhere and foreverness?


I am the quivering drop of radiation that turns

Into living art, life, music….



As I am also each suffering heart

And I am that suffering transcended—



To suffer without suffering


Monks know…


The burning in the heart for

Freedom, the crying out for

Justice in this forsaken world

IS the proof and answer of God.


How is such suffering bound to joy?

As the wounded are bound to the wound.


I do not see the stitch marks

Yet I felt them as I was stitched into this illusion


And scars do not lie…

But tell a story all their own.


Of wrapping Infinity and binding it within

Mortal flesh to suss out this whole situation.


Of creation exploring itself


The suffering is bound to the joy

By scars of love,

It is but for us to find


All the perceived suffering IS love

Maybe not yet revealed to us


Simply potentated darkness,

Awaiting light.


How can this ache be gOd?

This ache I feel is the answer to

My calling for gOd to end suffering


Through each of us that gOd does appear.


Yet we doubt!

We scoff that such narrow human longing …


Could be genuine fractals of gOd

Spinning through the Universe…through all that is…
into and through even us


We brush aside gOd everyday to search instead for the Illusion

To busy the self with ‘real life’ dishes, sorting and tasks which seem

Oh so important!



Where is the Dreamer this wanderer whispers?


The Dreamer lives on

In each of us—

Where we left him.


Sitting maybe

On a childhood creek bed…

Beneath the languid boughs of  trees and space


The Dreamer casts webs into our dreams

Never giving up

Never packing up his gear to leave


In hopes that within the ripples we may awaken

To Remember

((and dream of greater things))


gOd is present in these tears.


The Dreamer cries

for all who don’t dream along


gOd is present in all desperation


And these tree boughs reach up with

Natural uplifting joy


They bravely and without concern

Praise all Creation


Dancing with the wind as long known lovers

Effortlessly showing gOd to all



As I wish to do.


Yet this human condition has cast shadows

About everywhere in conscious reality


Leaving the brave fearful to love

And the loveless fearful of bravery

Be the humble host to love

Or even admit this aching longing.


“Take this longing from my tongue,

all the useless things my hands have done..”


My spirit—it raises to dance

In, amidst, and beyond moon beams

Dizzying reveries and dreams

Between the stars and lighting bolts



The ballet of the Unseen



The score of the Unspoken


Played out in a Universal

Galactic show.


I bravely reside in between

Reveries and dreams

Casting my net for all Dreamers

To join me,



Each cut through this illusion

Brings closer another piece of gOd.


Hardly breathing

I realize each piece of oneself

Brought into this world

Eases the distortion

Of my aching human heart


Thus brings gOd to life,

Now–into this time-space.


I am shattered save for my calling

My narrow human longing

Mixed infinite space and stars


I am a beautifully shattered fractal of Creation itself.


gOd exists in ALL desperation

Even though hardly another soul believes

They are also potentated fractals of gOd.


It is between the heartbeats

And tattered breaths


The Cosmic Heartbeat does not

Extinguish with this mortal life


But beats on eternally




Can you feel it?



If I were naked in your presence now

Would you be moved to speak?


If I am dumb beside your body

It is because of this One I hear…


And as my soul IS …naked

Amongst these words



We are but offerings–Beloved

It is my soul that you put on


And walk out the door wearing


Never knowing that I cried in it

And my tear stains have dried,

yet changed the very fabric of this soul forever–


You’ll never know


I cried out to the Beloved

I cried out to Creation–to belong again.


It is your soul that I myself wear…

And move into the next moment with

Fresh new awareness


These moments they pluck

Out the heartstrings

Of immemorial prose.


Although my own heart

Long ago froze

In the frigid winters’ longing


Yet Spring…

it always comes…


Spring always comes!

although among the sheets of snow
one could never again imagine the rich blooms of spring


I am SURE God exists


How else could a heart so fragile
support billowing blossoms again…

by adding only Sun, and water?


Add Sun and water to the soil of my spirit

Creation knows what to do.


It is that simple for the aching heart as well

it is that simple
just add Sun and water to the soil of my heart
… and wait.


These words seem to me strangled

And flowing at once


How else could they matter at all?

Who would use them?

Who would need them?


The winged seraphs of Heaven have left me here

A tangled and twisted sepulcher of a poet


Trying only to breathe thru time…

To reach space

As the breath alone is the word of gOd.


With wisdom abound

Seemingly even I cannot reach

And hardly comprehend.


God is present in my stretching

To untangle the illusion thru the veil of this mind


If I were your most beloved

Would you bind me further or free me?


Others feed me as I have lost the will to eat.

Others bathe me as I have lost the will to move.


There is no one who comes to kiss me

((that detail has been overlooked))

or is not considered essential.


I am a beautifully lost and mysterious fractal

Who has lost the will to find you…


But there is no one who can come– able to free a frozen heart,

This must be done with caution and gOd.


God please add water and Sun,

I will wait.


musing by Sofia


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