Hold no belief system ouside of the heart


I came to the city, didn’t leave a crumb trail
I got lost in the streetlights and waves of people

Forgot to write down my thoughts
As I thought they’d always be there

Yet thinking anything is a distortion of peace
and knowing is but a memory now.

I wonder if duality ends? I feel it must
and there must be one ultimate truth…

I write this onto the wind
in hopes it finds you…

The wind wrote back:
From beyond my own wisdom and said

** Duality is an illusion that cannot be transcended
But only embraced as one

Duality is the one and the same
But on different ends of the scale

There is only love and no opposite
So there can only be a lack of love and not hate

There is ever only light and no darkness
For darkness is light yet unseen, unreflected

There can only be courage or the lack of courage
Or only wisdom or its lack – being ignorance **

That’s all the wind spoke. and I was silent for some time.

So I’ve decided

The ultimate truth can only be brushed upon in books, websites, interviews, lectures, thoughts or words…

The ultimate truth can only be felt with the heart. The ultimate truth is a frequency that is so ALIVE

If you’re conscious of truth or not – you effect the frequency of the planet every day and every moment, every thought, every action

we are quantum waves rippling and I remember how to surf

Know what’s going on in the world but do not become a living zombie of the nightmare being sold to you.

There is nothing to fear here, it’s only US. Only our perceptions of fear that we wear in various ways as personal beliefs and social systems…

FREE WILL can save your ass… and it can hang it

It’s a part of the journey to be offered every hook up and hang up to stumble upon to keep you in the domain of separation…

It is the job of some to attempt to entrap you to the personality of this experience.
It is the job of some to engage the personality in polarizing ways – to manipulate any who’ll fall for it into serving the self.

This where the idea of sin came from….

To keep us from seeing WE MAKE THE choice every day
We make the decision or we pass up the opportunity to find the love in the moment.
To find grace in our tangles… to chose to live the way we’re FREE that is the frequency that changes this world. Freedom

Thank all who oppose you for the opportunity to learn no longer in dualistic forms but seamlessly

I’m not saying to go out and join another belief system! No new age system…don’t believe that everything will change by you doing nothing…by ignoring the reality of the World and offering shallow human love in it’s place.

That’s not how cosmic order works. Cosmic order brings you exactly what you need, at the exactly right time, in the right way, in how you interact with others, how situations transpire in your life… Cause it’s always perfect, it’s all already perfect. I’m saying hold no belief system outside of the heart.

So what is it that you need to hear to heal your heart? What do you need to say to feel free? Do it now – Do it now! Before this ride is over and you realize you’ve missed it

I’m not saying believe me. I’m saying FEEL me, feel for the ultimate truth..

Ultimate truth is that even death is not the end. Death is just another journey into another realm.

We are truly free, born that way – and we will die free. The question is how free can you live? How much freedom can you pull into this life?

What is the ultimate truth?
I cannot tell you, no one can.
Feel it, breathe it, be it.

with excerpt ** written by R **

musing by Sofia

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