If now is when the butterfly wings begin to tear
That may be when I will cry
If now is when the butterflies begin to splatter everywhere
Please know that I can’t watch butterflies die.

When they get so sick at heart the butterflies throw their bodies
upon the gears upon the wheels, upon the levers, upon the apparatus
of the machine
cause they’ve got to make it stop…
unless they’re free, the machine will be prevented from working at all.
this whole operation has become so odious.*

it’s the hidden angel I love in you

if this is what democracy looks like
if there is no justice, no peace…

Then how do we find the heart?
As fragile bodies thrown into the gears of the machine?
the machine is a monstrosity of layer upon layer of gears and levers and wheels
no one can see it all at once
the machine itself It’s a myth, a conspiracy

Yet there’s proof it exists
as this machine

 uses batons to try to beat the love out
this machine

 uses plastic cuffs to try to squeeze the love out
this machine

uses violence as means to try to silence free voices
this machine

 uses mind control to alleviate the masses of thinking
and war and the food supply, the air you breathe, water you drink…
this machine is trying to squeeze the love outta the world!

and I told the straw man to stay away from their fire but he won’t believe there is one.

A reminder for anyone just now tuning or tapping in
There will be at least one voice ever standing
 for the voices prematurely silenced
silenced to keep thoughts like freedom, peace, love from spreading
yet they spread on as No One can kill a thought.
truth is still truth even if you’re in a party of one, speak your truth
this is just an echo thru time

if you’re trying to fire up a revolution
then sign me up under
love on protest
as this love, this love can never be beaten out

as The sUn is ever guiding
and all flares lead to conscious
or is it all consciousness leads to flares?
either way I pray this consciousness finds love

If it helps you sleep at night call this occupy love
you can call it occupy peace
occupy the self
occupy the heart
occupy your life
occupy that which fulfills you

yet remember one can never even have love or peace
it’s only possible to be love
it is only possible to be peace
it IS possible to be that which you seek
and allow whatever happens from there
allow it and let-it-ride cause that’s the real deal.

There is love somewhere in the moment when the baton cracks
can you find that love?
I beg you to find the love in pepper spray
I’m not lying there’s love there too

to sew love though battles rage all around
this may be the call
this may be the test –
you maybe set this up yourself

we’re about to find out what happens when the gloves are off
do you wear love underneath?
Do you have armor underwear of light?
I fell irreversibly in love with each one of you today
there is no way to possibly tell you why or how
ties do bind but love bends all crusty rusted hearts
eventually –
truly the universal tool…

To understand the nature of your existence
I shall whisper to you in the wind a secret

YOU are the reflection of divinity
YOU are the reflection of light

It is all YOU, all LOVE reflecting
Can you not understand?


Can you now fathom the whisper?
Light is only seen when it is reflected off something
That “some-thing” is YOU
For is not the cracking of the baton – a reflection?

No reflection = No Light = Darkness = unknown, Hidden, Ignorance
This does not mean light does not exist
This does not mean that darkness overpowers the light

The nature of life is the blending patterns of unending energy waves
Forever moving in an outward spiraling progression
Drawing all and everything towards itself

Restless is my Spirit
Unfathomable is my Love
Ever blowing across your Souls
Until another time, another place
The Wind

* Mario Savio – Bodies Upon the Gears Speech *
♥ excerpt gift from Raphiem

musing by Sofia

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