One plus One equals One

One plus one equals one
this breaks all laws we currently understand
but maybe some are here to break all known ‘laws’ given by man,
who pilfers truth from the natural world
nothing works as we were told.
Our gOd given rights are still all that governs the spirit
now hold tight, doubt not
I’m going to tell a secret
we have ever been lied to
as love is not an emotion
love is an energy that is so real
it lights the sun
the light that reaches us is emanated
first in the heart
without love
the sun would be a cold dead rock
free will + love = light/energy
this is how creation flows
light would not reflect
if it were not for love.
so where is our love?
Are we doing our part to bathe the heart in warmth?
are we the love warming potentiated darkness to light?
see, love is not an object,
something to obtain.
love is a prime creational force
it’s not some quest for human love
that I narrowly cling to
It is that which emanates naturally from Creation
I so cherish
it is the one all emanates from I cherish
as meat loves salt
there is but one love
the love we are and feel in so many ways
is one
all is one
this is how 1 + 1 = 1
there is no time left
but to share the love
free the heart now from anything that is not love. 
this is truth, not new age bullshit.

musing by Sofia


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