Alpha Omega

I think we had better start from the beginning. The is the Alpha/Omega of my world.

You may not realize it at first glance, but you in fact are looking at a space portal
as I was birthed in this early 1900’s School House

The Good Hope School House
On the Kansas prairie, where the sky is our ocean.

Eventually they called me a poet
imagine my surprise!

as this is just the way I think.
I used to think we all felt the way I feel…

I’ve been thinking in poetry/writing words all my life
I wonder if I did not originally learn to write

just so that I could write what I was pondering
and the thoughts on my heart, as I sat swinging in the wind.

how can a heart so small hold all this love?
This much I now know.

I am the Sun of God,
we all have the Sun

mirrored in the heart.
I am a mirror of you

and there is but one Sun.

This is a photo of me, standing in my birth spot. On my 32nd birthday in 2011. I was there at the exact moment of my birth, conscious and asking the Universe to use me as a tool for Love, play me as an instrument of love, let love live in my life as living art. I went alone and picked a bouquet of flowers from the wildflowers in the field. A true rebirthing. This rebirthing has led to many things. Some of which I share here.

a girl finding the grace of a woman.





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