Let your Heart mingle with the Heart of the Mother

IC1805 Daniel rc800
I am in the dark
a dark so dark
I cannot tell where I end
and another begins
My body aches, my mind feels
trapped, my heart full of glass
All the discomforts of being human.
So I reach for the one comfort
the comfort that is within,
it quickly encompasses everything
Like a familiar babe I nuzzle the Ether
The Universe opens
 her breast to me, she
Offers the nectar of the Gods
 Ripe and full, I latch on
and drink the rich milk
 of all that is
 I see bursts of gold
and things beyond explanation
In this darkness.
Until I feel the comfort wash over me
and I melt  into the one truth
which is Love
with a capital L
Love capable of Creation,
My body sighs in all dimensions.
In his sleep
my Son turns toward the warmth of my body
I am His Sun
and He latches on
feeds his hunger
and comforts Himself in sleep
with the wide awake
conscious milk
that flows from the Infinite
through Me, into Him.
I am but the vessel
That is allowing, He is not mine.
We belong to the Beloved.
this is the same nectar of Love
that comforts all weary souls
whether they are a nursling,
a grown man,
or a woman
weeping silently
In the darkness
We are all children of the Universe.
Yet, as each night turns to day,
as babes grow to men,
so does all darkness flow into light,
Not a darkness exists
which is permanent.
Darkness exists
as potential light.
Some light must mother the Mother
replenishing all the nectar that has been drunk.
Let your heart mingle with
the heart of the Mother
Feel the love she has given.
My body aches from laying stretched out
Allowing a babe to suckle all night.
I wonder how our cosmic Mothers’ body
must ache from being
stretched out suckling us?
While Earth is collectively in the darkness
She feeds the consciousness until we awaken.
We all came from a woman,
from a magic-life-giving-black-hole, to be frank.
You want to know where the nearest
Stargate is?
Look no further than the Woman
standing next to you.
No matter how old we get,
The Universe allows us to suckle
as fresh babes.
no matter how dirty our hearts get,
how dark they feel,
there is a way out of the darkness.
In the flow of consciousness
we wake up inside the dream.

a dark so dark

 by Sofia

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