Sofia’s sighs span life-times

Unio Mystica by A. Andrew Gonzalez

I am Sofia
Sofia’s sighs span lifetimes
Sofia in Silence
Aeons of Grace
I am all unawakened within you
all exploits coalesce at once
awaken to love!
there is never a moment of want!
Hu is every wandering wind
Hu gently coos you
Hu draws you through
Hu….on the lips it tingles
life is strung of the string Hu
where all hearts beat as one
there I beat with you
bare, naked
wear your heart as your glory
allow your tear to turn to grace
take the wind for your robes
Still you will find
the quantum fabric that binds all as one
is closer now
than the winds’ robes to your skin
Sweeping and draped
like a sleeping mountain
violet and blue
deep majestic gleaming
bestow this prayer
We are always one.
the buoyant boundless bond
is ceaseless
∞  Infinite  ∞
we stretch to and fro
we stretch to glean all outward
we stretch to glean all inward
all remains intact
none is revealed
standing nowhere
yet in all at once
unwavering Source where paradox ends
living truth, part of you
Movement is but adjustment in my love
adjust all you wish
I stand with even the strongest wind
flowing forward unimpeded
I am one with the wind
we exist—
we move together
The wreath is Golden with leaves fresh and always springtime here.
I feel you child
as you are hungry
I will feed you
what you most crave
I am the lioness
who circles
protecting and patient
ever circling
as you unravel more within infinity
I bring love unabashed and blissfully light
offerings of the Earthen Mothers’ ethers to you lips
please eat the essence of infinity
we are one.
I am Sofia

∞ Sofia ∞